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Research Group on School Libraries

Coordinator: Prof. Donatella Lombello 

The Group was established in April 1993 at the Dipartimento di Scienze dell’Educazione, Facoltà di Scienze della Formazione, University of Padua with the support of the Veneto section of the Italian Library Association (AIB).

The Group is coordinated by D. Lombello, Lecturer of Children’s Literature, Bibliography and Librarianship at the University of Padua.

Monthly meetings are held at the Department of Educational Studies.

Teachers of any school sector, public librarians and all those concerned with school libraries are free to participate in the group activities.


The following conferences have been organized by the Group:


  • "Funzioni della Biblioteca scolastica e compiti del Bibliotecario scolastico: la realtà veneta"

 (The function of the school library and the role of the school librarian: a survey for the Veneto Region)

Padua Oct.29 1993 – Papers published by CLEUP, Padova, 1994


  • "La Bella Addormentata si risveglia? La Biblioteca scolastica fra tradizione e innovazione"

( Is the Sleeping Beauty awaking? The school library between tradition and innovation )

Padua Dec.6, 1994 – Papers published by CLEUP Padova, 1996


  • "Senzaconfini: Formazione e azione educative del Bibliotecario scolastico"

( Without Boundaries: Education and pedagogical action of the school librarian )

Padua Dec: 13/15, 1996 – Papers published by CLEUP, Padova, 2000


  • "Centri di risorse e Biblioteche tra autonomie scolastiche e locali. Formazione e ricerca".

  Modelli europei a confronto

( Resource centres and libraries  between school  and local autonomies. Education and Research:

 a survey of European models )

Padua, 28/29 Oct.1999 with the contribution of  Provveditorato agli Studi di Padova –

Papers published by CLEUP, Padova 2000



  • "Inciampare nel problema": "il processo di ricerca delle informazioni nella biblioteca scolastica multimediale"

("Coming up against the problem": "the information, seeking process in the multimedia school library")

Padua, 30th-31st 2003 / February 1st 2003



  • "Convegno LABS": "sulle pagine, dentro la storia".

("LABS Conference": on the pages, within the history. It is the title given to the study days of the LABS (Ancient Book in the School Library) arranged by the Dept. of Education  Sciences with the contribution  of Regione Veneto.

Padua, March 3rd-4th at the Archivio Antico in the Palazzo del Bo (Seat of the University of Padua) and at the Accademia Galileiana di Scienze,  Lettere ed Arti.


The following post-graduate courses have been provided (Director: Prof D. Lombello)

Professional Development courses on:


  •   Education of the school librarian – ac.year 1997/98, the first of the kind in Italy

  •   Education of the school librarian of a multi-media library – ac.year 1998/99

  •   Education of the teacher-librarian for a school multi-media library – ac.year 1999/2000

  •   European Master for the Education of the school librarian – ac.year 2000/2001

  •   Education of the teacher documentalist for a multi-media school library – ac.year 2001/2002, 2002/2003


First level Masters:


  •   Master for the Education of the school teacher documentalist, with the contribution of MIUR,  ac.year 2001/2002

  •   Documentalist librarian in school and educational services, ac.year 2002/2003


On-line magazine: I capelli di Sansone , since Oct.2000

(cfr. http://www.aib.it/aib/sezioni/veneto/sansone/sansone.htm)



For information about the Research Group and its activities call:

Dipartimento 049-827-4554/4545   fax 049-8274546      cell. 335-5954938

Donatella Lombello: email donatella.lombello@unipd.it

Lucia Zaramella – secretary – email luciazar@tin.it



Dipartimento di Scienze dell’Educazione, Università degli Studi di Padova

Piazza Capitaniato, 3 – 33139 Padova